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Ralph LoVuolo Sr.  the Mortgage Godfather
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Ralph LoVuolo Ralph LoVuolo Sr. also known as the Mortgage Godfather is a coach/trainer/visionary to mortgage professionals at all levels. He shares over 50 years of experience in the mortgage through many sources: his more than 250 posts on LINKEDIn, his dozens of videos found on his FB Mortgage Godfather, his regular weekly webinars, his book on Amazon “1% More Every Day” and his personal coaching. Ralph’s vast experience in the mortgage industry is demonstrated by having been involved in billions of dollars of mortgage production. He is a master educator who has the unique knack of being able to make complicated subjects appear simple. Additionally he is exceptionally capable of helping salespeople achieve their true potential through the means of organizational thinking and unique activity. His Mortgage Godfather videos have become a staple of the daily lives of mortgage originators nationwide, being watched by thousands. He presents ideas and concepts that are logical, important and easily applicable to the lives of his vast audience. The ideas that the mortgage Godfather has imparted to his “family” are being applied to the successful development of more and more originators. Ralph is a founding father of the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers and served as president of that organization for two consecutive terms. That association saw fit to bestow on Ralph a lifetime membership for his active service and incomparable vision. Additionally, Ralph served for six years on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers where he held the office of Parliamentarian. Ralph was an accredited instructor for both the New York and New Jersey Real Estate Commissions’ and was formerly an associate Professor at two colleges, including New York University. Ralph Holds the designation of “Certified Mortgage Consultant” as conferred by the National Association Of Mortgage Brokers.Ralph resides in Boynton Beach Florida with his lovely wife Christina and has three children, all of whom are involved in the mortgage industry. His family’s achievements and their support of his life’s work and contributions to the profession that he serves are his greatest source of pride.