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Christine Beckwith is the National Vice President of Realtor & Sales Management for AnnieMac Home Mortgage. She has been with AnnieMac for 11 years this coming July. She has been in the industry as a senior sales executive for nearly 20 years, having held the title of Vice President of National Sales for H & R Blocks Mortgage Division. Christine’s career has spanned the gamut of sales positions from the age of 22, although she started at 18 during college as a Teller and eventually processed mortgage before getting the sales bug. As an originator Christine proved to be an early start success story becoming the Bank of America Rookie of the Year in 1995. She would go on to win countless sales awards at all levels of both originations and management all the way to 2016 including an International Award for Community Service honored to her in 2002 by Henry Bloch (Of H & R Block) as the most nominated employee of then 8,000 employees for representing their brand internationally in public and community service contributions. Today Christine has looked back on her legacy of breaking glass ceilings in 2003, 2005 and again in 2007 and reaching heights that have her ranked today amongst the TOP 50 women in mortgage. MPA Magazine has honored her as one of the top women, also a nominated and culled list, twice, once in 2015 and in the recent July 2017 edition. She appeared on the cover of Mortgage Women’s Magazine in March/April edition, as their Spotlight focus for Women’s month for her contributions to women in sales. She will have her books featured in the May/June edition as well. Her labor of love is ‘Wise Eyes-See Your Way to Success’ a biography of her journey from a poor upbringing and humble beginnings to start her career in banking in a small Massachusetts based credit union to the helm of on the top ten medium financial mortgage companies in America. Wise Eyes also shares Christine’s first ‘tell all’ with her sharing her success tips that have had her ahead of her competition for most of her years in this business.