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Andrew Berman
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Andrew Berman started off his career in the mortgage industry as a mortgage originator back in 1993. In 1994 Andrew and his father and mentor, Joel Berman (Joel was a career mortgage broker and two term past president of the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers) started to publish magazines for mortgage brokers. They grew from 1 to 37 publications within 10 years. These were state specific publications created for mortgage broker associations in the states they covered. As the 2008 economic collapse happened, we saw mortgage broker marketshare go from almost 70% to less than 20%, it was time to create a new model. In May 2009, Andrew opened up National Mortgage Professional Magazine with the assistance of his mentor and father. The editorial model was created from focus groups and social media dialogue to empower those in 2009 that was still closing 10 to 20 loans a month. This model was created to help these originators in one of three ways: close more loans through marketing, be more productive in (do more loans or have a better work/life balance) or stay out of the regulatory hot water. In 2015, the publishing team launched a television news network for mortgage professionals, Mortgage News Network. This online video network shares information with those the top originators that were reading National Mortgage Professional Magazine in a easy to digest video format that would be available when originators were drinking a coffee at the breakfast table, driving in the car, or running on the treadmill at the gym.

Tavant Moves to New "Digital Factory" Process to Enhance Production Systems

Tavant has expanded to have a new technology innovation center in Dallas, continuing its growth in financial technology and services. The center focuses on new product development and providing new age digital experiences to lenders via Digital Factories. Prashant Kumar can share more about it...

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