Top Originator Secrets with Brian Sacks

Be careful whose advice you take

We all hate rate shoppers right? But what we say we do encourages it.

Brian Sacks shares what we can learn from McDonald's and Ford

Brian Sacks tells you a simple word to get more business

Brian Sacks shares a story on not retreating

Brian Sacks talks about other tools that help you to become a real estate agent's client

Brian Sacks shares a special type of real estate agent you need to identify and go after

Brian Sacks give you his secret to increasing refis

Brian Sacks shares the magic hour for a loan officer

Brian Sacks tells you just how important you are

Brian Sacks explains who you should have in your database

Brian Sacks shares which is more effective, writing or emailing your database

Brian Sacks discusses how you can treat your business relationships as real relationships

Brian Sacks on how your mindset is important to your success

In the third of 3 sessions, Brian Sacks wraps up the three real estate agent objections and goes over the third big...

In the second episode of 3 session series, Brian Sacks shares the second biggest objection you'll hear most often...

In the first of 3 sessions, Brian Sacks discusses objections you'll hear most often and how to overcome them.

Brian Sacks gives you the simplest solutions to getting referrals

Brian Sacks explains how listening can help more than continuously throwing out benefits

Brian Sacks discusses why you don't have to fear the in-house company loan officer

Brian Sacks gives you a tip to match the bigger companies with advertising

Brian Sacks shares how horse blinders can relate to your business

Brian Sacks gives two simple solutions to make more money

Brian Sacks shares another lead source that can help you sell more