The Mortgage Godfather Videos

Is there any reason to do that?

Over come rejection

What would your life be like?

It is your best business tool

Are you open or closed to it?

Have 4 marketing initiatives

Here are the 4 parts

Establish TRUST to prove it

Target your audience

Organization of your time is a top 5 key to success

Make deals and be more successful

A top five important skill

Are you ready for today???

What social media are you using?

How many people do you try to interact with?

Higher interest rates could have an effect. RU READY?

How much do you need to retire?

Then you need to CHANGE

You must do better than yesterday - you MUST

Did you establish your goals for 2017?

How to double your business

It will change your life

A business development plan

You better be sure you tell the truth