Inside The NAMB

Inside The NAMB

Don Frommeyer discusses recently reported increase in NMLS renewals and what to expect from Government Affairs in...

Don Frommeyer's update on 2017 NAMB East registration, license renewals and NAMB KickStart

Don Frommeyer discusses the US court injunction ruling against the white-collar exemption regulations

Andrew Berman interviews Vice President of NAMB - Valerie Saunders, CRMS discussing the NAMB East 2017

Lending Integrity Seal of Approval - NAMB announces the Legislative & Regulatory Conference - April 21-25, 2017...

Don Frommeyer announces three CFPB sessions for 2017 NAMB East

Don Frommeyer highlights the success of 2016 NAMB National and talks about the upcoming NAMB venues

Exciting new venue in Vegas for NAMB National & NAMB East will be in Atlanta, GA

Your inagural bi-weekly update from NAMB CEO Don Frommeyer