The 60 Second Originator

Internet Leads and Comparative Rate Tables

Customer Acquisition Your Timeline Vs ‘Theirs’

Past Clients - New Clients - Plan on Referrals

The 10% Plan on Acquiring Mortgage Leads

Adam Stein, CEO of LoanTek and Andy Harris, President of Vantage Mortgage Group discuss Lead Acquisition.

Lead Management and the 10% Who Work Their Plan

The Art of Being Sticky

Customer Acquisition Models SEO - MOZ blogging, writing, content, transcription

Google Analytics, and your traffic - Key Word building and SEO

Landing Pages - A/B Testing, Conversion Data, Click To Conversion Data

Customer Acquisition Models PPA - Commoditized Mortgage Leads - Are you a good fit?

Measuring and understanding return on investment KPI on loan officers

Measuring and Understanding Return on Investment KPI on Lead Sources

Coaches, Plans, & Success

Pricing Engines - Pricing Information and ‘No Go Leads’

Consumer Facing Pricing - Email

Lead Management - Growing experience and rewarding it with leads

Lead Management - Managing Response Rates Required by Source

Website Integrations - Consumer Facing Pricing - Referral Business

The Cycle of Conversion

Customer Acquisition Models SEO for Mortgage Leads

The 60 Second Originator - Why Digital Marketplaces

Understanding Leads (intent)

CRM’s – Measuring Engagement and Capturing Business