The 60 Second Originator

LMS - Managing your follow up plans

CRM - Setting your messaging in action

Why Internet Leads

Why LoanTek

The Bankrate Promo

Why Bankrate Smart Pricing and Bankrate Pricing

Internet Leads and Comparative Rate Tables

Customer Acquisition Your Timeline Vs ‘Theirs’

Past Clients - New Clients - Plan on Referrals

The 10% Plan on Acquiring Mortgage Leads

Adam Stein, CEO of LoanTek and Andy Harris, President of Vantage Mortgage Group discuss Lead Acquisition.

Lead Management and the 10% Who Work Their Plan

The Art of Being Sticky

Customer Acquisition Models SEO - MOZ blogging, writing, content, transcription

Google Analytics, and your traffic - Key Word building and SEO

Landing Pages - A/B Testing, Conversion Data, Click To Conversion Data

Customer Acquisition Models PPA - Commoditized Mortgage Leads - Are you a good fit?

Measuring and understanding return on investment KPI on loan officers

Measuring and Understanding Return on Investment KPI on Lead Sources

Coaches, Plans, & Success

Pricing Engines - Pricing Information and ‘No Go Leads’

Consumer Facing Pricing - Email

Lead Management - Growing experience and rewarding it with leads

Lead Management - Managing Response Rates Required by Source