The 60 Second Originator

Measuring and Understanding Return on Investment KPI on Lead Sources

Coaches, Plans, & Success

Pricing Engines - Pricing Information and ‘No Go Leads’

Consumer Facing Pricing - Email

Lead Management - Growing experience and rewarding it with leads

Lead Management - Managing Response Rates Required by Source

Website Integrations - Consumer Facing Pricing - Referral Business

The Cycle of Conversion

Customer Acquisition Models SEO for Mortgage Leads

The 60 Second Originator - Why Digital Marketplaces

Understanding Leads (intent)

CRM’s – Measuring Engagement and Capturing Business

CRM’s – Messaging, Timing, and Going Next

CRM’s – Creating engaging email with information, links, and video

Digital Marketplaces Conversion Rates (Meeting Value Prop)

PPC Conversion Rates (Sites, Pages, Marketplaces)

Digital Marketplaces and Traditional Business lines

Debunking Digital Marketplace Myths - Compliance

Debunking Myths and Digital Marketplaces

Customer Acquisition Models CPL - Mortgage Leads

Customer Acquisition Models PPC - Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Understanding Leads (Types and Methods)

Landing Pages and Mortgage Leads

Customer Acquisition Models SEO